We create beautiful CGI visualisations and animations,
in collaboration with global agencies and brands.

We are artists, craftsmen, storytellers
and imagineers. We are Bomper Studio.

About Us

The Core Team

Emlyn Davies

Founder & Creative Director

A decade of experience as a 3D visualisation artist with global agencies and brands led Emlyn to form Bomper Studio in 2013. Since then Emlyn has remained both a hands-on 3D artist and the studio’s Creative Director, overseeing everything that Bomper creates …as well as ensuring the in-house Nerf gun fights never get out of hand.

Lewis Williams

Business Development Director

With a reputation for managing a variety of thriving business across a range of industries, including his own design business, Lewis brings a wealth of experience to the studio and its clients. The first face you’ll meet at Bomper, and the go-to contact for anything client or collaboration related. Or whiskey. Or math rock. Mostly math rock.

Josh Hicks

2D Design Director

Josh is Bomper’s concept artist, illustrator and visual interpreter on each project – translating thoughts and ideas into clear images and animatics, accelerating the development stages of briefs and minimising the need for amends. Josh’s other notable contributions include publishing his own comic (featuring at least one wrestler with a fish for a head), and insisting the Bomper playlist contain the complete works of the Wu Tang Clan.

Pablo Parry

Lead 3D Artist & Animator

Joining the team as a talented junior artist, straight out of a 1st Class Animation degree, Pablo quickly became the rock of Bomper’s CGI department. A skilled 3D generalist with a particular flair for character animation, Pablo continues to drive consistency and innovation in equal measure throughout every new project the studio undertakes. A big fan of the work of Hayao Miyazaki, and a silent assassin at Goldeneye on the N64.

Owain Hopkins

Film & Post-Production

Making stunning short films through his own production company, Tree Top Films, Owain is perfectly suited for Bomper’s live action and post-production needs. With a passion for all things cinematic, Owain’s traditional video techniques and motion graphics blend perfectly with the studio’s CGI and VFX work to create beautiful moving visuals. He happens to also be a dead ringer for both Moby and Jason Statham, dependent on lighting.

Freelance Resource

Our Trusted Specialists

Bomper has a wide network of trusted freelance experts. Our specialists are the very best at what they do, each with distinct skills that range from simulations and fluid dynamics to smoke and fire, character animation to hard surface modelling. We assemble the perfect team for each project based on the client’s needs and ambitions, ensuring the best possible outcome with the smallest, most efficient team possible. And we’re always meeting exceptional new talent.

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