The Leek

Recently at Bomper HQ we decided to develop our Leek mascot into a 3D character …and then we sliced him in half. We took our initial concept and fleshed him out, adapting him from a flat, simple (and far more innocent) 2D character into something more detailed. With this new design in place, we drew up paintings and a turnaround to act as guides throughout the modelling process.

“We decided to develop our Bomper mascot into a 3D character
…then sliced him in half.”


The 3rd Dimension

We sent our concept and design package over to our friends at Boxel Animation in Mexico, who sculpted the model in Zbrush to show us exactly what they do best. Our team then amended, rigged and textured the model in Cinema4D.

While the Leek was being built we drew up storyboards and an animatic for a 99frames animation that would serve as the character’s debut adventure. A simple concept, limited to a challenging 99 frames (just over three seconds) of animation, the Leek was ready to make his animated 3D debut.

[Our hero turns to camera]
[camera slowly zooms in]
[a hand reaches into shot, and…]
Oh, Leek.

Environment & Sound

The Finishing Touches

Once he was fully modelled and rigged we set about building up the scene and the fully CGI environment, a fully stocked kitchen including appliances, utensils, and plenty of (inanimate) vegetables. We refined some pre-existing models, and build some new to create a rich environment for this short adventure.

Finally, we lovingly animated the sequence in Cinema4D. The hi-res VRay renders were taken into After Effects for grading, post-processing and general polishing, before fine editing for the final cut was completed in Premiere. We enlisted the help of long-time friend of Bomper – Huw Williams of comic book company Cosmic Anvil fame – to record (rather a lot) of (slightly off-putting) mmmmm’s, ahhhhhhhh’s and screams in the studio. And once we added in the last foley sounds to our animation, the Leek was ready for his grand debut – Leek meet the public, public meet Leek!

Final Animation

‘The Leek’ for 99frames